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Mors Rattus (SQUEAK!)
Badass old guys, video games and the Death of Rats
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29th-Aug-2011 03:05 pm(no subject)
WTF, Vetinari
Power's back.

In other news, Baccano! is amazing.
28th-Aug-2011 06:02 pm(no subject)
WTF, Vetinari
1. Hurricane's knocked out my dorm's power at least for today. I'm posting from the student union!

2. You know, I never did get an answer on the BF comm about whether or not an OC theme's main villains could get higher CSTs on the basis of 'the theme is designed to stack the deck (hurr hurr) in their favor because they cheat' rather than 'the player writes out what they have been doing in detail for the past two centuries'.)
22nd-Aug-2011 11:47 pm - Example +fingers
WTF, Vetinari
Note: all details of these are changeable! If you're interested but don't like what I've got here? Please, tell me! It can all change. All of it.

The Aces HighCollapse )

The Wild BunchCollapse )

Jokers - The House Always WinsCollapse )

But What About Non-Face Cards?Collapse )
22nd-Aug-2011 02:07 pm - BF Theme Crowdsourcing: Marked Cards
WTF, Vetinari
I am working out what powers you get for being a (generic) Magical Cowgirl/Cowboy, and then what specific powers someone might get. If you want to app one of the characters, I definitely plan to take any desires you have for powerset into account, possibly even greater weight than my own thoughts!

But everyone can help!

What Everyone GetsCollapse )

Unique PowersCollapse )

Jokers WildCollapse )
21st-Aug-2011 10:36 pm - i am the best pilot for BF idea
WTF, Vetinari
Back in the 19th Century, Clow Reed reopened the gates to other worlds. At last, after countless ages, the * were allowed back into the world. Returned at last, they began to set up their ancient game: the Dead Man's Hand. 18 men and women whose souls bore the marks of time were selected: they became the Marked Cards, the players in a deadly game.

Four distinguished themselves as great heroes:
Doc Holliday, Ace of Spades - the finest shot in the world.
Bat Masterson, Ace of Diamonds - the man so clever he could get a horse to tie his shoes.
Wyatt Earp, Ace of Clubs - the strongest man in the West.
Rose of the Cimarron, Ace of Hearts - the woman who knew no fear, whom bullets could not harm.

These four became the Aces High, armed with great power to fight evil.

And four became terrors, seeking the power of the Dead Man's Hand for their own:
The Sundance Kid, King of Spades - the man so sneaky that no one could catch him.
Laura Bullion, King of Diamonds - mistress of disguise, the woman of a thousand faces
Queen Anne Basset, King of Clubs - the toughest rancher in the West
Butch Cassidy, King of Hearts - the nastiest bandit in the world.

These four became the Wild Bunch, thieves and plunderers - but still human.

Two became monsters - inhuman creatures hiding behind the faces of men.

The Red Joker and the Black Joker - the hands of the *. Their duty was to defeat all the other Marked Cards.

Eight yet remained - the Queens and Jacks, lesser powers in the game, but still dangerous and clever.

These groups had been set against each other - to take up sides. Aces High or Wild Bunch - good or evil. Whichever was left standing won the Dead Man's Hand, the power of **. How the game ended then is unknown - but what is known is that some of the players still survived. None of the Aces or Kings lived beyond human lifetimes...but soem say the Jokers did, and some say that one or two of the Queens and Jacks still live.

But what is known is that the Marked Cards have begun to reincarnate. Four teenagers - three girls and a boy this time - bear the souls of the Aces High. Soon, their horses will come for them, bringing them their true power - the power of the poker card and the revolver. And four more will awaken to their own darkness, to the power of the Wild Bunch. Who knows where the will rest will be - and what has become of the Jokers?

The game is beginning again - but this time, it's coming to Japan.

* - Dealers? Gamblers? High Rollers?
** - it is a mystery?
5th-Aug-2011 04:01 pm - Boss Monsters and MUSHing
WTF, Vetinari
Specifically: How not to do it.

1. Do not overheal to the point that the only way you're being defeated is by fiat...or if you do, don't make it obvious.
2. Let people KO you; see 1. If you're going to survive until a fiated period, at least reduce your HP at the end of that period.
3. Don't do it often; that way they keep impact and can at least feel like stuff is happening.

I am not really all that happy with how last night's scene went; I feel the bosses were run badly at least in the room I was in (all were in Superior still when they left/declared thet they had lost and I felt that I had not actually contributed any damn thing by being at the scene), I felt that the people who were actually from Vector were snubbed in favor of And Now, Shinra and no one in Vector's PCs were actually told the scene would be happening before the scenepost went up.

I didn't even have a satisfying narrative effect, because...well, like I said, I felt the bossfight went exceedingly poorly and that I was just wailing on a wall...and that was the entire scene.
16th-Jun-2011 04:30 pm(no subject)
WTF, Vetinari
fuck being sick

seriously, fuck it

i had wanted to have enough brain to do things today
12th-Jun-2011 05:27 pm - Data Gathering
Velorien, All-Father, Arcanum MUSH
Hey, folks! While I am moderately familiar with Western steampunk fiction and its traditions and genre conventions in both literature and video games, I am in need of aid regarding steampunk anime and manga.

I've read the FMA manga and have Trigun and Samurai 7 on my to-watch lists.
I'm learning about Wild ARMs and playing Trails in the Sky.

Give me more stuff that I need to see to understand the iconic steampunk/gaslamp story in anime and manga.
26th-May-2011 10:49 pm - Gaslamp MUSH Spoilers
WTF, Vetinari
Destinae Dominus: In fact
Destinae Dominus: I can fit the actual 'stats' part of someone's sheet on
Destinae Dominus: 5 lines
Destinae Dominus: Wait, 6
Destinae Dominus:
| Power:      Finesse:      Endurance:     Adroitness:        |
| Magic:               Tech:               Martial:           |
| Traits:                                                     |
|                                                             |
| Reactions:                                                  |
| HP:                  SP:                 CP:                |
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