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Mors Rattus (SQUEAK!)
Badass old guys, video games and the Death of Rats
Character Name: Lin Anming Sex: Female Race: Human Force: Wandering… 
31st-Aug-2012 06:51 pm
WTF, Vetinari
Character Name: Lin Anming
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Force: Wandering Force
Group: None
Occupation: Shaolin White Tiger
Series: OC, Mulan
Quote: “I don't need eyes to see that you're outmatched.”
Profile: There is no Lin family.  It is the name of Abbot Lin, the man who found a young girl outside his monastery, an offshoot of the famous Shaolin Temple.  He raised Lin as his daughter, tutoring her in the ways of the temple...though it soon became clear that she would never see her adoptive father's face.  Lin is and has always been blind. Despite that, she took to Shaolin training with a will that few can match...though her devotion to Buddhist teachings is rather shakier.  She has learned to sense the chi around her, using it to see and even to fight, as the world seems to bend for her blows.  Lin is a headache for her elderly father, give her tendency to arrogance and her bad temper leading her to get into fights.  Fortunately, Lin has never taken monk's vows.

Might shift to using FF-style geomancy, or stick with chi manipulation...which as I imagine it is moving rocks and plants and other scenery elements around. So similar, really.
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