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Mors Rattus (SQUEAK!)
Badass old guys, video games and the Death of Rats
eh, sure 
16th-Aug-2012 12:09 pm
WTF, Vetinari
Pick a character I play. Current ones, please. I'll answer all of these questions!?

1) Favourite food
2) What they were like at age 12 (Unless they're a kid, in which case this becomes "what they're like as an adult")
3) A phobia (NOT a Deepest, Darkest Fear, just a phobia) or something they otherwise cannot stand on a visceral level
4) Their magical girl identity (NOTE: I may subcontract smiko for assistance on this)
5) Best way to spend an evening with nothing going on
6) How they'd attempt to woo someone they liked (or how they'd deal with it) (or not)
7) TOTALLY NOT OPTIONAL STUPID QUESTION TO ANSWER. A question of your choice. Not optional. And no repeats.
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